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Image conceived by K. Bradnam and drawn by Corrie Haffley

This is the website to accompany the Unix and Perl to the Rescue! book and the free Unix & Perl For Biologists primer that were both developed and written by Keith Bradnam and Ian Korf. You can use this site to get help with the material covered by the primer and the book, download example files used in the book, set yourself some extra homework, or just find out more about the authors

Since we first started teaching this material as a graduate student course at UC Davis, we have seen how transformative it can be for a student to learn even a small amount of programming knowledge. Unix and Perl are both great tools for helping making sense of data and the average biologist today has a lot of data to make sense of. Sometimes the world of programming can seem very alien to someone who has never written code before. But just like learning a foreign language, even a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.

Whenever we have taught this material we have tried to not make any assumptions about prior knowledge and have also tried to only teach one new concept at a time. Furthermore, we have tried to make learning Unix and Perl fun! We hope you have found — or will find — our material useful and that your first tentative steps in the land of Unix & Perl will not be your last ones!

Keith & Ian